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To merit the de minimis classification, the following conditions also must be met: Q7. A customized implementation plan can be created using the ASCII file stored on the IBM-compatible computer disk (5.25-inch and 3.5-inch) packaged with the book. This allows the employer to select PPE based on the type of exposure and the quantity of blood or OPIM which can be reasonably anticipated to be encountered during performance of a task or procedure. A datum is an individual value in a collection of data. A52. Region I The healthcare professional must be provided with a copy of the standard as well as the following information: Q59. Can employees of an ambulance medical rescue service eat or drink inside the cab of the unit? Regulated waste that has been decontaminated. Q78. In most facilities, each individual department has a written exposure control plan that details information specific for your job. If you don't have time to wash your hands, antiseptic towelettes are an acceptable a 30 practice questions for the NCLEX-RN exam. nec facilisis. A7. The healthcare professional's written opinion for hepatitis B is limited to whether hepatitis B vaccination is indicated and if the employee received the vaccination. When removing sharps containers from the area of use, the containers shall be: Upon closure, duct tape may be used to secure the lid of a sharps container as long as the tape does not serve as the lid itself. Universal Precautions Q57. The standard requires that post-exposure counseling be given to employees following an exposure incident. Requires biohazard labels to be securely attached and be colored Fluorescent Orange or Orange/Red, Labels are NOT required if Red bags or Red containers are used. Controlling exposures to hazards in the workplace is vital to protecting workers. Nam risus ante, dapi, Explore over 16 million step-by-step answers from our library, View answer & additonal benefits from the subscription, Explore recently answered questions from the same subject, Explore documents and answered questions from similar courses, Explore recently asked questions from the same subject. A35. Reusable containers shall not be opened, emptied, or cleaned manually or in any other manner which would expose employees to the risk of percutaneous injury. Of the current 25 states and two territories with state plans, 22 cover both the private and public (state and local governments) sectors and five cover the public sector only. A1. (Do NOT use Hands). If previously vaccinated, Proven Immunity or Contraindicated due to medical reason, Safety officer MUST complete an incident report following exposure to bloodborne pathogen. Question 5 of 13 Correct Bloodborne diseases can be spread in the healthcare setting. (972) 850-4145, Region VII The corporation which employs these physicians may be cited by OSHA for violations affecting those physicians. However, OSHA will consider it a de minimis violation - a technical violation carrying no penalties - if employees, who administer first aid as a collateral duty to their routine work assignments, are not offered the pre-exposure hepatitis B vaccination, provided that a number of conditions are met. The client employer has the primary responsibility for such protection, but the "lessor employer" likewise has a responsibility under the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Gloves MUST be replaced as soon as practical following contamination. The location of the plan may be adapted to the circumstances of a particular workplace, provided that employees can access a copy at the workplace during the workshift. Setting a correct exposure is a subjective process somewhat governed by technical considerations. Q44. What type of container should be purchased to dispose of sharps? List of Job Classifications, ECP must have: List must contain all lab job classifications with potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Controls that reduce the likelihood of exposure by altering the manner in which a task is performed (e.g., prohibiting recapping of needles by a two-handed technique). This letter constitutes OSHA's interpretation of the requirements discussed. Pellentesque dapibus efficitur laor, et, consectetur adipiscing elit. An employer may, however, decide to make pre-screening available at no cost to the employee. As a preventive measure, have infection control kits available that include gloves, eye protection and a pocket respirator or other barrier device for CPR. 2300 Main Street, Suite 1010 Any object that can puncture that can puncture the skin, including needles, scalpel blades, orthodontic wires, endodontic instruments, broken glass, etc. (AR, LA, NM*, OK, TX) There is no OSHA requirement stipulating that employers must purchase a washer and dryer to launder protective clothing. Can pre-screening be required for hepatitis B titer? Some examples of such devices or alternatives include needleless systems, needle-protected systems, and "self-sheathing" needles. San Francisco, CA 94103 An employer may use different words if they convey the same information. A14. What are my responsibilities under the Bloodborne Pathogens standard? Two Pershing Square Building Cleaning schedules & procedures for decontamination MUST be established and implemented, Lab MUST provide RED plastic bags for special medical waste & biohazards. We measure impulse noise in dB peak pressure, or dBP. A10. It was written to help individuals fighting AIDS find their voice. Are volunteers and students covered by the standard? Here are some examples of what a good Policies and Procedures handbook should include: Company mission and values statements; New client . Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) administers and oversees implementation of the program. Q40. The U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) does not recommend routine booster doses of hepatitis B vaccine, so they are not required at this time. Where no alternative to bending, recapping, or removing contaminated needles is feasible or such action is required by a specific medical or dental procedure there must be a written justification to that effect included as part of the exposure control plan. Who has the responsibility for training workers employed by agencies which provide personnel (e.g., nurses) to other employers? OSHA requirements are set by statute, standards and regulations. A report that lists all such first-aid incidents must be readily available to all employees and provided to OSHA upon request. The purpose of this ECP includes: Eliminating or minimizing occupational exposure of employees to blood or certain other body fluids. Select the correct statements about exposure control. Another option is to contract out the laundering of protective clothing. OSHA requires employees MUST be provide training on bloodborne pathogen regulations at the time of INITIAL employment & ANNUAL review is required. My company supplies contract employees to healthcare facilities. Q79. select the correct statements about transmission and exposure. Note: To get contact information for OSHA area offices, OSHA-approved state plans and OSHA consultation projects please visit us online or call us at 1-800-321-OSHA (6742). This standard is designed to protect workers from the risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens, such as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and the Hepatitis B Virus (HBV). A34. A28. Medical records must be kept for the duration of employment plus 30 years. Occupational exposure is defined as reasonably anticipated skin, eye, mucous membrane, or parenteral contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials that may result from the performance of an employee's duties. Where should sharps containers be located? It is an option that employers may consider. The standard covers animal blood only for those experimental animals purposely infected with HIV or HBV. The particular disinfectant used, as well as the frequency with which it is used, will depend upon the circumstances in which a given housekeeping task occurs (i.e., location within the facility, type of surface to be cleaned, type of soil present, and tasks and procedures being performed). A33. A72. Q24. The label must be either an integral part of the container or affixed as close as feasible to the container by a string, wire, adhesive, or other method to prevent its loss or unintentional removal. In the context of OSHA's standard on Bloodborne Pathogens, the personnel provider would be required to provide the general training outlined in the standard and the client employer would be responsible for providing site-specific training. Correct Answer : a. HBV can cause serious symptoms Question 2 2 out of 2 points One can be exposed to bloodborne pathogens on the job by all of the stated means except. What information does the healthcare professional provide to the employer following an exposure incident? In the remaining jurisdictions where Federal OSHA has authority, hospitals operated by state, territorial or local governments are required to comply with the Bloodborne Pathogens standard with enforcement by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (42 U.S.C. Q25. Scleroderma Nclex Questionsskin manifestations of scleroderma. Q31. Training records must be retained for 3 years from the training date. Q39. However, if a physician not employed by a hospital were to create a hazard to which hospital employees were exposed, it would be consistent with current OSHA policy to cite the hospital, the employer of the exposed employees, for failure to provide the protections of the Bloodborne Pathogens standard. Administration of Biological and Chemical Hazards to Animals Controlled Substances Laboratory Animal Allergies Medical Clearance and Safety Training For Animal Researchers Zoonotic Disease Information Biological Safety Emergencies, Exposures and Spills Autoclave Use Biohazard Waste Disposal Biological Safety Cabinets Biological Toxins The exposure control plan must contain, at a minimum: Q9. The standard requires an annual review of the exposure control plan. What recordkeeping does OSHA require for exposure incidents? On the navigation bar, expand Host a Session, and then select Hands-on Lab. There should be information about the following: The employer should then evaluate the policies and "failures of controls" at the time of the exposure incident to determine actions that could prevent future incidents. Chicago, IL 60604 Q48. Early life exposure to microbes in the gastric systems allow for the proper development of immune system Oc. The engineering controls in use at the time and work practices followed; The protective equipment or clothing used at the time of the exposure incident; Location of the incident and procedures being performed when the incident occurred; and. Hepatitis immunodeficiency virus b. Q4. Q38. Select the correct statements about exposure control. OSHA expects these products to be discarded into waste containers which are properly lined with plastic or wax paper bags. Q46. The employer shall ensure that employees who have contact with contaminated laundry wear protective gloves and other appropriate personal protective equipment. inia pulvinar tortor nec facilisis. If an employer in a volunteer blood donation center judges that routine gloving for all phlebotomies is not necessary then the employer must (1) periodically reevaluate this policy; (2) make gloves available to all employees who wish to use them for phlebotomy; (3) not discourage the use of gloves for phlebotomy; and (4) require that gloves be used for phlebotomy when the employee has cuts, scratches, or other breaks in the skin; when the employee judges that hand contamination with blood may occur (e.g., performing phlebotomy on an uncooperative source individual); or when the employee is receiving training in phlebotomy. If contaminated laundry is sent off-site for cleaning to a facility which does not use Universal Precautions in the handling of all soiled laundry, it must be placed in a bag or container which is red in color or labeled with the biohazard label described above; and. Lead in bone is released into blood during pregnancy and becomes a source of exposure to the developing fetus. A55. The employer is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of medical records. Needles may be recapped ONLY if necessary, TWO-handed recapping is PROHIBITED. This exemption applies only while these specimens remain within the facility. Whenever contaminated laundry is wet and presents a reasonable likelihood of soak-through or leakage from the bag or container, the laundry shall be placed and transported in bags or containers which prevent soak-through and/or leakage of fluids to the exterior. This framework give room for the employer to creates a written plan that will help in protecting their workers from bloodborne pathogens. What information must the employer provide to the healthcare professional following an exposure incident? When is the exposed employee's blood tested? C Statement (iii) is correct. What is meant by the term Universal Precautions? OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan will be an essential guide for any employer required to comply with the new OSHA Exposure Control Plan. Do not eat, drink or put on makeup while wearing gloves In addition, contaminated equipment which is to be serviced or shipped must have a readily observable label attached which contains the biohazard symbol and the word "biohazard" along with a statement relating which portions of the equipment remain contaminated. Blood is defined as human blood, human blood components, and products made from human blood. Assume all blood & other body fluids & tissues are contaminated with HIV or HBV. Sharps containers are made from a variety of products from cardboard to plastic. A30. Q12. What water temperature and detergent types are acceptable? Can the hepatitis B vaccination be made a condition of employment? For the past 20 years, the Hands-On Labs team has been the leading provider of distance science education, completely dedicated. Names & Job titles of Lab personnel attending the training sessions.

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select the correct statements about exposure control

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