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A Mears spokesperson said: "Mears is carrying out a programme of improvements to properties used to accommodate asylum seekers. Miles is a long-term Mears manager. Mears likes to boast about this scheme. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020 Mears moved about 350 asylum seekers from flats into hotels as a "temporary measure". Our business development department will review your application. The Mears Scotland contract will be up for renewal in 2020. 2727 North Loop West The Citizen reports council leader Peter Marland saying: The council received a whistleblowing allegation regarding spending on our housing repairs contract. I tried to contact them but there was no reply for hours. Mears business is above all about partnership, making joint ventures and contracts with other developers especially government bodies, councils, and housing associations. While it has enjoyed recent success winning big contracts, things havent been going so well for Mears in the deals it already has. The AASC contracts, which will replace the existing COMPASS contracts, have an approximate value of 4 billion and are for 10 years. Newcastle and Gateshead Clean Air Zone launches on Monday January 30. A council spokesperson said Mears were unable to maintain the high standards we demand of our contractors, and also found elements of the contract commercially challenging.. Newham council have done little to remedy this & we continue to campaign. TECH: A Guide to the Politics and Philosophy of Technology. Asylum seekers are also having to spend longer in asylum housing or hotels waiting for interviews and decisions. While in the IAC, asylum seekers, whether single or families, receive no money at all, simply a room and food. The group, formed of housing, community, human rights and legal organisations, wants the Home Office and contractor Mears to improve living conditions. Councils often require new developments to include a proportion of affordable housing in order to meet planning stipulations, called section 106 agreements. Main picture: a Mears sponsored networking event with senior council and housing association managers. We also found that while staff pay at Mears may have compared well to that at other major home care companies, it was still barely above minimum wage. Of course, these institutions are also big property owners and developers in their own right. Mears contact info: Phone number: +44 8706071400 Website: What does Mears do? A private "social housing" business, Mears Group, is about to become one of the UK's biggest refugee landlords, winning three ten year asylum accommodation contracts from the Home Office worth a total 1.15 billion. Calls are free, open 24/7/365 and accessible to all asylum seekers in the UK. Residents on the first estate targeted, Fullers Slade, protested at being let down and ignored by YourMK. The scheme is a 50/50 Joint Venture with the council. one of the UKs biggest maintenance and repairs contractors, Asylum seekers (were) left in houses with no heating. The other day I think it was the Council who came and they saw the house and the toilet and other problems. Both are wholly owned by Mears and are registered with the governments Social Housing Regulator as social housing providers. For general enquiries contact our office at: Serco Limited Enterprise House . The crisis in the Mears contract in South Yorkshire and the North East has meant that there is very little housing for asylum seekers to go to from Urban House, and so many are being accommodated in hotels across West Yorkshire and Humberside. Mears is an outsourcing company working in two sectors: housing management, and home care. However, Mitie Property Management has been one of the worst performing parts of Mities business, which the company has been looking to get rid of for some time (click here to read more in our 2018 Mitie company profile). Operating income. Blocking categories may impact your experience on the website. The majority of the IRRs work is free to access. St Philips Close Mears Housing Management is a successful business within Mears Group PLC, having grown in 5 years to a nationally based . In Scotland, Mears takes over from the previous manager, Serco, after a strong local campaign against that companys attempts to evict 300 refugees from their homes in Glasgow. At present Mears does not appear to be close to the same fate. However, the market has not been as profitable as Mears hoped. We will push for the Mears contract to be terminated by the Home Office. Mears home care operations only broke even in 2017. In a statement, Mears Group said due to a significant rise in the numbers of people seeking asylum, hotels are being used to accommodate people until more homes can be prioritised. Mears is clear about how Plexus and Omega can play this role, saying that its affordable housing arms assist and support developers on section 106 agreements.. In one hotel we all refused to eat the out-of-date sandwiches they gave us they were very smelly as we opened the packs. John, 2020 Institute of Race Relations, All Rights Reserved. For example, in recent developments in Luton and Basingstoke. What exactly does this mean in practice? This storage is often necessary for the basic functionality of the website. Most of Mears contracts are with cash-strapped local authorities. If you try to submit a local council planning application online, you will probably be redirected there. An electrical engineer by trade, he worked at Mitie back in the 1990s but joined Mears in 1996 when it went public. Newcastle and Gateshead Clean Air Zone launches on Monday January 30. The contract started in January 2011, as a partnership deal between the council and a company called Morrison Facilities Services Ltd, a subsidiary of Anglian Water. All of which could be very profitable for Mears and other private sector partners. Legal changes and budget controls pushed the privatisation of council housing in a number of ways, including Right to Buy sales and the mass stock transfer of around 1.9 million homes from councils to housing associations. The bread and butter business is winning council and housing association contracts for maintenance and repair work. But it was soon clear that the Placemakers at Mears were thinking well beyond just doing repairs. John Taylor, Chief Operating Officer of Mears said: Mears provides housing and care to many thousands of people all across the UK, including some who are vulnerable. According to this document, Mears approach combines maintenance, housing management and asset management in deals that are bigger and more complex, with potential for higher margin and some opportunities secured outside competitive process (we are not exactly sure what that last phrase means). Mears is one of the UKs biggest maintenance and repairs contractors, working on over 650,000 homes for councils and housing associations. It has been like that for at least two months.. Women in particular never get shampoo and toiletries normal for guests. Campaign group says 91-room hotel was used by social care provider Mears Group Ann Arbor, Michigan. Social housing specialist Mears Group PLC has been handed contracts worth 1bn from the UK government - a sizeable deal for a company with market capitalisation of less than 400mln. The following voluntary sector organisations may be able to offer short term support while you consider your options. This comes across clearly from Mears website page on its affordable housing operations. Albermarle, North Carolina. While those seeking asylum have no choice over where in the UK they are dispersed to, we take great pride in the fact that so many refugees chose to settle here once their claim for asylum is determined. VIEW AVAILABLE POSITIONS. Following the money. In its last annual report, for 2017, Mears work brought in revenues of 900 million. In Yorkshire and the North East, Mears is replacing G4S whose asylum housing has been notorious for squalor, infestations, and scandal when racist vigilantes attacked homes whose doors had been painted an identical red colour. Mears shares are bought and sold on the London Stock Exchange. Highest UK asylum claims since 2004 Councils to be forced . And if people are in hotels instead of being dispersed, nobody has any money to buy even the basic necessities. Mears has been awarded contracts for Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber. Tel: 0191 230 They may also be used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Set up in 2015, it initially had the relatively straightforward aim of maintaining the councils existing stock. In January Cllr Paul Wood chair of Sheffield City Housing told SYMAAG 'I intend to instruct officers tomorrow (16 January) that the policy of Sheffield City Council is that we want this asylum housing contract to revert to the Council. These items allow the website to remember choices you make (such as your user name, language, or the region you are in) and provide enhanced, more personal features. More broadly, it involved a spreading ideology of privatisation: repeating the mantra that private companies were more efficient at running services. It alleged Holt who cut his business teeth working for notorious Tory donor Lord Ashcroft had continually failed to challenge the status quo of deteriorating results, a stagnant share price and faded shareholder value. For all of these, the solution was, of course, Mears, evidenced by .. YourMK. However, his bonus pay is linked to the companys financial performance, and with Mears finances slightly reduced from the previous year, Miles didnt get any of his bonus in 2017. If it is out of hours (after 5.30pm or any time at a weekend) and you have nowhere to sleep please contact: 0191 278 7878 (Ask for the 'Emergency Homeless Officer'). When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. A spokesperson for Mears, which provides asylum seeker accommodation on behalf of the Home Office, said it is working to reduce the use of hotels "wherever possible". In an investor briefing last year, Mears management said they had decided to turn their focus to bigger deals, particularly from central government: Evolution of business means we are gaining access to opportunities previously out of our reach.. As part of the contract, Mears will be responsible for the upkeep of thousands of homes occupied by asylum seekers waiting for their claims to be processed. According to official sources, between 600 and 900 asylum seekers are being accommodated in hotels at any one time in West Yorkshire. Until 2012 he worked at Orchard & Shipman, another property management company. YourMK is, or was, Mears flagship regeneration project: a 1 billion partnership with Milton Keynes council to redevelop seven major estates over 15 years, affecting 8,500 homes. We will discuss this point further below. MPS has been caring for residents' homes for over 25 years. If you are contacting us regarding an asylum related issue, please do not use this form but make sure you use one of these email . We have some kids here from 5 to 8 years old. (See our 2018 company profile of Mitie here.) We aim to provide excellent customer service, but recognise that sometimes we might fall short of your expectations. Have been in Mears-managed temporaryaccomodation for 8 years now. Clearsprings, Mears and Serco are contracted by the Home Office to provide housing for people seeking asylum, as part of a 4bn ten-year contract. Dripping Springs, TX People who work in the hotels are often really rude to us. Without this, the overall worth of the company according to its accounts would drop from 210 million to just 15 million. In Urban House, residents are means-tested to see whether they should be given support (furnished and serviced accommodation plus around 5 a day), and those eligible should, after a few weeks, be dispersed to asylum housing. This is effectively the same contract that Mears have now taken over from Serco. Continuing delays, disrepair and insanitary conditions have caused one local authority to decide it will tell the Home Office to end its contract with the Mears Group, and will take asylum housing back in-house. Please contact Migrant Help to report any problems with your asylumaccommodation, they will liaise with the accommodation provider on your behalf to address these. This is the living room. David showed me damaged furniture and a decaying wall cupboard, then a storage area with stained and damaged wall and dirty stair carpets. Get in touch! Corporate Watch has looked into Mears past record to find how the strong sense of social responsibility its promotional materials boast plays out in practice. For welfare rights and money advice please visitWelfare Rights. While profits and payouts remain healthy, Mears financial profile shares many similarities with those of troubled outsourcing firms such as Interserve and Carillion, with potentially few resources to fall back on if contracts are lost or government spending is cut further. Starkville, MS. Mears is the premier provider of engineering, design and construction services to the pipeline and utility industries. Michael, who invited me into one property, showed me a blocked toilet upstairs. He told the Independent, I had hoped for a huge improvement in services for refugees, but its clear the system is failing due to lack of capacity. In Belfast, the BBC reported in September that a woman asylum seeker reported water leaking into her kitchen. Mears do not want to take responsibility for the lack of repairs (in my case it is ceilings falling in, kitchen floor caved in, windows nailed shut, bath rotting) and they offered me another of their overpriced properties only when I started suing them. Annual salary: up to 37,000.00. We have gone through the teething . . About Us. Terry, a design manager speaking fluent English, told me of his concerns about everyday life in the hotels. contract to provide asylum seeker housing, Blurring the boundaries between private and social, : Milton Keynes regeneration, Brighton overcharging, Scottish corruption allegations, Stroud repairs, Apprenticeships, Industrial disputes, Beards. In a recent June survey, a majority of asylum seekers in hotels have rated the food provided either okay, good or very good. Newcastle upon Tyne In January 2015, North Lanarkshires Labour council hit a crisis, as one Labour councillor named Tommy Morgan was sacked from his role as chair of the audit and governance panel. Investors reckon the companys shares are worth 3.30 each and 363 million when they are all added together (market capitalisation, in the jargon). If it is out of hours (after 5.30pm or any time at a weekend) and you have nowhere to sleep please contact: 0191 278 7878 (Ask for the Emergency Homeless Officer). Miami, FL . Mears lost out to rival outsourcer Amey. The number of properties in use varies depending on size, but around 300 are presently being provided in Sheffield. Borrowing too much from banks and other lenders is a major reason why construction and maintenance companies go bust, Carillion most recently. In December, I discovered April and her disabled family, forced into a totally unsuitable house in Rotherham by previous provider G4S and then ignored and neglected by Mears, left with a flooding living room and rats in the kitchen. Mears prides itself on having an educational role. These officers will support the move on process if you are granted refugee status and will offer advice and signposting if you receive a negative decision on your asylum claim.

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